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Indianapolis DUI License Suspension Lawyer

Many people get arrested for drinking and driving, even though they know it is illegal. A DUI is charged as a misdemeanor, which makes it sound like a minor crime. However, there are significant penalties involved. One major issue that offenders must deal with is license suspension.

A license suspension can be a huge inconvenience. It can affect your life in many ways, making it hard to get to work, school, doctor appointments, and other places.

If you have been charged with a DUI, take the proper steps to protect your legal rights, ability to drive, and future. The knowledgeable Indianapolis DUI license suspension lawyer at Rigney Law LLC can defend your case and give you the advice you need.

Length of License Suspensions

For a first-time DUI offense, you will still face license suspension. You can expect to get your license suspended for 180 days, or six months. During this time, you may be granted restricted privileges so you can drive to school or work. If you refuse to perform a field sobriety test, then your license could get suspended for one year.

Subsequent DUI convictions are punished more severely, leading to longer driver’s license suspensions. If you receive a second DUI, your license may be suspended for up to two years. If you refuse a field sobriety test and have had at least one prior DUI, then your driver’s license may be suspended for up to two years.

Driver’s License Suspension Process

The police officer who arrests you may take away your driver’s license, but it won’t be automatically suspended at this time. Once you are notified that your driver’s license is suspended (typically within 10 days), you will then lose your driving privileges.

Once your suspension period ends, you can drive again once you jump through a couple hoops. You will be required to apply for reinstatement and pay a fee of $150.

Hardship License

A hardship license, also known as Specialized Driving Privileges, allows people to drive to certain places if their license is suspended due to a DUI. A person will be allowed to drive to work, school, childcare, grocery stores, places of worship, and other necessary locations. Hardship licenses last between 180 days and 2.5 years.

Most people will qualify for Specialized Driving Privileges. You do not qualify if you are not an Indiana resident or refused to submit to a breath test. A commercial truck driver also does not qualify for Specialized Driving Privileges. Discuss your situation with a lawyer to see if you qualify.

Contact Rigney Law LLC Today

If you have been charged with a DUI in Indiana, your driver’s license could be suspended for one year or longer. This can be a frustrating situation, which is why you need skilled legal help on your side to defend you from the charges you face.

Arrested for a DUI? Contact the team at Rigney Law LLC right away. Our Indianapolis DUI license suspension lawyer will provide you with the skilled representation you need.  Schedule a consultation by calling (317) 623-0989 or filling out the online form.

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