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Indianapolis OWI Lawyer

In Indiana, if you drive while under the influence of drugs, you can be charged with operating while intoxicated (OWI). OWI is a broad offense that is different from a DUI in that “operating” and “driving” are seen as different actions.

If you are sitting in your car with the engine on, you can be charged with an OWI if you are under the influence of a drug. If you are in your own driveway or on private property on a three-wheeler, bicycle, or other type of vehicle, you can be charged with an OWI if the engine is on and you are in the driver’s seat, even if you are not actually driving the vehicle.

This can seem confusing and even petty. This is why you need a solid defense if you have been charged with OWI. At Rigney Law LLC, our Indianapolis OWI lawyer are available 24/7 to fight your case. Contact us today to get started.

OWI Defenses

If you have been accused of OWI, there are several defenses that your lawyer may use:

  • Probable cause. The police officer involved in your case must have probable cause, which refers to a legal cause to stop or arrest a person. This means that the officer could not pull you over and charge you with OWI without a good reason. If you can show that an officer acted impulsively and did not have probable cause to pull you over or arrest you once detained, it can invalidate any evidence obtained during the traffic stop.
  • Inaccurate BAC readings. In Indiana, the legal limit for blood alcohol content (BAC) is 0.08. Police officers want to see whether you are under or above this limit. They will typically use a Breathalyzer to test your BAC. These machines test for many chemical compounds found on the human breath and use a fixed ratio when determining the conversion of alcohol on your breath to alcohol present in your blood. If given a test during the body’s absorptive phase, it could be deemed inaccurate. That’s because it can take up to three hours to completely absorb alcohol from your stomach.
  • Subjective observations. Police officers are called upon to use their own judgment when determining whether or not you are under the influence, which can lead to numerous mistakes in itself. The observations and opinions made by an officer can weigh heavily on your criminal charges. For example, if you agree to a field sobriety test, you could end up failing it based on the officer’s opinion. This can lead to unfairness, so have a lawyer contest this charge.

Contact Rigney Law LLC Today

OWI is a broad criminal offense that can be very unfair. Fight your case with help from the right criminal defense team. The Indianapolis OWI lawyer at Rigney Law LLC can help you get a favorable outcome. Schedule a consultation by calling (317) 623-0989 or filling out the online form.

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