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Indianapolis Criminal Defense Lawyer

You’ve been arrested—do you know what to do next? What you do immediately after getting arrested may determine your future career options, the financial consequences of your arrest, and your freedom. At Rigney Law LLC, we bring a diverse body of experience to every criminal case we take on in the Indianapolis area. Find out how our Indianapolis criminal defense lawyers can protect your rights and help you move past your arrest.

How We Can Help

The criminal defense attorneys at Rigney Law LLC are well-versed in many areas of criminal law. Some of the cases we take on include:

Uncovering the Truth

We begin by putting in the hard work needed to understand your case and assess all of the available evidence. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all defense strategies. Instead, we’ll talk to you about what happened, review police files and other documentation, and build an objective understanding of the circumstances leading to your arrest.

Thanks to our years of experience in criminal law, we know that you can’t always trust police testimony or eyewitness accounts. While an officer’s observations are often the basis for an arrest, there are countless cases in which a defendant has been unfairly arrested because of an officer’s error. That’s why we staunchly pursue the truth and use it to craft a solid defense against your charges.

From there, we can begin building a defense that gives you a solid chance at beating or reducing your charges.

Possible Defenses in a Criminal Case

Depending on the unique circumstances of your Indianapolis criminal charges, our team may use a wide variety of defense strategies to try to beat or lessen your charges. Some options we’ll explore include:

  • Rights violations. If the arresting officer violated your rights during the arrest, we may be able to get evidence suppressed or get charges dropped entirely. A surprising amount of officers fail to protect suspects’ constitutional rights during traffic stops and arrests.
  • Proving that there was no intent. Some criminal charges require proof of intent. If you did not know that you were committing a crime or committed a crime by accident, charges may be dropped. This defense depends heavily on the specific circumstances of the alleged crime.
  • Self-defense. Self-defense is a viable defense for some criminal charges. If you allegedly engaged in criminal activity to protect yourself from immediate harm, we may pursue this defense option.
  • Mistaken identity. In some cases, officers arrest the wrong person for a crime. If you were in the wrong place at the wrong time and have features similar to the actual perpetrator, you may have been wrongly arrested and charged. We can help bring the truth to light.
  • Not a crime. Police officers make mistakes. Perhaps they’ve misjudged a situation or available evidence and assumed that you’ve committed a crime when your actions aren’t actually criminal at all. We’re here to clear up misunderstandings and clarify your actions.

Our Indianapolis Criminal Defense Lawyers Advocate for You

When you hire Rigney Law LLC, you can feel confident that we’ll dedicate all of the resources we have to your defense. We’re a strong advocate for our client’s rights, and we won’t let the state violate those rights as they try to prove your guilt. By analyzing every aspect of a case, we will be able to find weaknesses in the state’s case and build a solid defense for you.

A criminal conviction can forever change the course of your life—don’t try to fight your charges alone. Turn to the Indianapolis criminal defense lawyers at Rigney Law LLC. Call us at 317-623-0992 to get the legal support you deserve.

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