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Indianapolis Juvenile Crime Lawyer

Anyone can be accused of committing a crime. Even minors, including teens and young children, can face punishment for breaking the law. In Indiana alone, approximately 30,000 minors are arrested every year for committing a wide range of offenses, including theft, robbery, drug possession, alcohol use, sex crimes, and weapons offenses.

While juveniles must adhere to state criminal laws, they cannot be prosecuted through the same system as adults. Because of this, Indiana has a special system set up for juveniles in family court. This system has special rules and regulations that juveniles must follow.

If your child has been accused of breaking the law in Indiana, there will be a hearing involved. Prepare for this by contacting Rigney Law LLC right away. Our experienced Indianapolis juvenile crime lawyer have extensive knowledge of Indiana criminal law and can give you the right advice for your family’s situation.

Juvenile Delinquency

Juvenile delinquency occurs when a minor (child under the age of 18) commits a criminal offense or another violation of the law. The Indiana Code sets forth a slew of crimes and their penalties. When minors violate the law, they must go through the juvenile delinquency process. This process is generally private and focuses more on rehabilitation and providing services to troubled youth. While the law usually places discretion in the hands of parents in regards to how to raise their children, it may intervene with rehabilitation when a minor commits a criminal offense.

Besides crimes, a juvenile can be charged with other delinquent acts such as:

  • Violating curfew
  • Skipping school or excessive tardiness
  • Leaving the house without permission
  • Routinely disobeying parents
  • Using fireworks and causing property damage

When Can a Minor Be Tried as an Adult?

In Indiana, anyone age 10 or older can be tried in adult court for major crimes. There are times in which the juvenile may be tried as an adult, such as:

  • If the child is at least 14 years old and is charged with a heinous crime that would be considered a felony if committed by an adult. It must be proven that it is in the best interest to waive the child to adult court.
  • Murder or rape (if the child is over 10 years old)
  • If the child is over the age of 16 and the offense would be a Level 1, 2, 3, or 4 felony that is not drug-related
  • If the child has a prior adult felony or non-traffic misdemeanor

Contact Rigney Law LLC Today

As a parent, it can be devastating to find out that your child has been convicted of a crime. You need an experienced team on your side to guide you through the process and give you the right advice.

The team at Rigney Law LLC can help you understand what to expect. For a free consultation, contact our Indianapolis juvenile crime lawyer today by calling (317) 623-0989 or filling out the online form.

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