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Benefits Of Hiring A Private Defense Attorney


After you are charged with a crime, you have two options. First, you have the option of representing yourself. This is usually exceptionally unwise.  Second, you can work with an attorney since the Sixth Amendment to the Constitution gives you the right to an attorney. If you choose to let a lawyer help with your case, but you cannot afford an attorney, the Court is required to appoint an attorney to represent you. If you can afford an attorney, you’re expected to hire one, and even if you can’t afford an attorney, your family can hire a private attorney for you if they wish.  Most people who are charged with crimes don’t have the legal experience necessary to handle their cases alone, so they opt for an attorney’s assistance.

Suppose you opt for a public defender because you currently don’t have money to pay a private defense attorney but are in a position to raise money. In such a case, you should first consider the benefits of hiring a private defense attorney before settling on a public defender. Public defenders are usually competent and hardworking individuals. However, many advantages come with hiring a private defense attorney. Below are some of the benefits of hiring a private criminal defense attorney:

Enough Time for Cases

Attorneys working for the public defender’s office handle many cases, and private defense attorneys usually have significantly fewer clients. If a public defender is assigned to your case, they may not be able to give your case the attention it deserves in the timeframe you’d prefer. On the other hand, a private criminal defense attorney may be better situated to give your case the attention it deserves because of a more manageable workload.

More Vested in the Outcome of the Case

Public defenders never have to worry about where their next case will come from.  On the other hand, a private defense attorney may be motivated to do a good job in order to prove their value, earn referrals, and thereby get more clients. For this reason, a private defense attorney may be motivated to work harder on your case.

Better Customer Service

A private attorney can be fired.  Public Defenders often cannot be fired.  As a result, a private attorney is motivated to answer phone calls, make jail visits, and set meetings to explain your case to you and your family in a way that the public defender isn’t necessarily motivated.  In addition, because of the differences in their caseloads, a private defense attorney will often have more time to dedicate to the type of customer service aspects of the work.

You Have a Chance to Choose Your Attorney

Being able to choose your attorney is one of the major benefits of hiring a private criminal defense attorney. Having the opportunity to select your attorney comes with several benefits. For example, when you choose your attorney, you can ensure you work with someone whose personality and skill set suits the needs of your case. You can request the court to appoint another public defender, but Courts in Marion County often deny that request.  Even if the court approves your request, you won’t be given the right to select your new public defender.

Contact an Indianapolis Criminal Defense Attorney

After an arrest, it’s vital that you take time to think about whether to work with a private criminal defense attorney or a public defender. Contact our qualified and dedicated Indianapolis criminal defense attorneys at Rigney Law LLC if you are considering hiring a private defense attorney.



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