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5 Crucial Indiana Gun Laws


Residents of every state need to be familiar with their state’s gun laws. Remember, the gun laws in another state do not apply in your state. If you are in Indiana, you must understand the state’s gun laws before purchasing, possessing, selling, or carrying a gun. Indiana has some of the least restrictive gun laws in the nation. However, that does not mean you have unlimited rights when it comes to purchasing, possessing, or carrying a gun in Indiana. Going against any gun law can result in criminal charges or other legal consequences that can significantly impact your life. The following are six of the most crucial Indiana gun laws you need to know about.

Permits and Registration

Without certain permits and registrations, you cannot buy a gun in some states. However, you do not need permits and registrations to purchase a firearm in Indiana. You can buy and possess a rifle, shotgun, and even a handgun without a permit or registration in Indiana.

Concealed Carry Permits

In Indiana, you do not need a permit or registration to carry a firearm outside of your home.  However, private property owners have the right to prohibit gun possession on their property and it may be illegal to enter certain places with a gun. For example, possessing a firearm in a school, government building, post office, or airport can result in criminal charges.

Selling or Transferring Guns

In Indiana, you cannot sell or transfer a gun to just anyone.

The following are other gun buyers who are off-limits in Indiana;

  • A person under 18 years of age
  • Someone convicted of a felon
  • Anyone intoxicated during purchase
  • Mentally incompetent individuals
  • Drug or alcohol abusers
  • Any person who is unfit to handle a gun safely

Possession Regulations for Minors

  • Minors are only allowed to possess or shoot guns if;
  • They are on their parents’ property
  • They are at a firearm or hunter safety course
  • They are shooting at a certified range
  • And in all cases, there must be an adult supervisor.

Misuse of Firearms

In Indiana, it is a crime to point a gun at someone unless it is done in self-defense. This offense is a level 6 felony. In Indiana, a level 6 felony can attract a jail term of up to two and one-half years and a fine of up to $10,000.

Legal Help Is Available

The consequences of disobeying a gun law in Indiana can be severe. If you’ve found yourself facing a gun charge in Indiana, it is crucial to seek legal help. Contact an Indianapolis gun crime lawyer at Rigney Law LLC to schedule a consultation.

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