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Places Where Carrying a Gun May Be Restricted in Indiana


The 2nd Amendment to the Constitution gives Americans the right to keep and bear firearms. Indiana supports the Second Amendment rights of its citizens. However, while Indiana allows its citizens to own and carry guns, the carrying of firearms may be restricted in some places to ensure public safety and maintain order. Despite being a responsible gun owner in Indiana and meeting all the requirements, there are some places where you may not be able to take your gun. If you are a gun owner in Indiana, it is crucial that you understand these restrictions. By understanding these restrictions, you can ensure compliance with the law and avoid being on the wrong side of the law. Carrying a gun in a restricted area can result in criminal charges. In this article, we discuss some places where gun carrying may be restricted in Indiana.

Restricted Locations

In Indiana, there are several locations where possessing a firearm may be considered illegal. Below are some of the places in Indiana where carrying a gun may be restricted;

Educational Institutions

Except if you are an authorized school resource officer or a law enforcement officer, you are not allowed to carry a firearm on school property. You cannot possess a gun in a K-12 school, daycare, college, or university. It is also illegal to possess a firearm on a school bus. However, if you are a lawful gun owner, you may have a gun in your car on school property as long as the firearm is stored out of plain sight in your locked car or you are only transporting someone to or from school.

Government Buildings

Gun carrying is typically restricted in government buildings, such as courthouses and municipal offices in Indiana.

Commercial or Chartered Aircraft

According to IC 35-47-6-1, if you board a commercial or charter aircraft with a firearm, you commit a level 5 felony. Anyone who boards a commercial or charter plane with a gun with the intention to cause harm to another person or disrupt the aircraft’s operation commits a Level 4 felony.

The Indiana State Fair

It is against the law to carry a firearm to the State Fairgrounds unless the weapon is for sale or trade at the event.

Private Property

Private property owners in Indiana may prohibit or regulate the carrying of firearms on their premises. A private property owner may put up a warning sign to warn people entering their premises against entering the premises with guns. While a private owner’s signage or rule may not be legally applied since private property is not mentioned as a restricted area under the law, you can still face criminal charges if you enter a private property with a gun, despite the property owner’s rule or signage. In such a case, you could be charged with criminal trespass.

Places of Worship

Like private property owners, places of worship may implement policies regarding firearms. Some places of worship may allow concealed carry, while others may restrict it. It is crucial to check with individual places of worship and abide by their policies.

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